Frequently Asked Questions about Solder

Solder isn't working, what's wrong?

You tried accessing Solder but it just isn't working for some reason? Take a look at the most recent entries on the storage/logs/laravel.log file, which is where Solder logs errors to. If you still can't figure it out, hop into our Discord server for help.

"Error in exception handler"

This means that the Solder application cannot properly create an error page

This is most likely 90% of the time a file permissions issue with the Solder install. You need to give access your web server user/group to allow it to serve/create files.


Debug mode

You can turn on "debug" in your .env file, with APP_DEBUG=true. This will give you more information about the error.

Make sure to disable it again when Solder is ready for use.

"MD5 hashing failed. URL incorrect?"

This means that Solder failed at attempting to generate a MD5 hash. Please double check your "repo location" and "mirror url" settings, as well as the file permissions for your repo. The web server user/group require read/execute permissions for the mods to be able to hash them.

A more detailed explanation of why the file failed can be found in your Solder logs located at "storage/logs"