Updating to v0.7.15

Version 0.7.15 requires PHP 8.1+, so you'll need to install that and configure your web server to use that.

Updating from v0.7.6/v0.7.7 to v0.7.8

Version 0.7.8 requires PHP 8.0+, so you'll need to install that and configure your web server to use that.

Updating from v0.7 and onward

Make sure to backup your SQL database before any update!

Put the Solder application into maintenance mode.

php artisan down

And then run a pull to get the latest changes from the GitHub repository.

git pull



If git pull fails with:

error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:
Please move or remove them before you can merge.

Reset the repo to the latest version before the update
git reset --hard <version>

The next step will update existing or new dependencies

  • If you installed composer locally:
php composer.phar update --no-dev --no-interaction
  • If you installed it globally:
composer update --no-dev --no-interaction



This command will fail if Solder is not put into maintenance mode.

Regardless of whether or not there are changes to the database migrations, back up your database, and run a migrate to be sure.

php artisan migrate

Bring the Solder application out maintenance mode.

php artisan up

If you installed Solder using composer create-project, please reinstall solder again using the most recent info on the Getting Started guide.

Updating from pre-v0.7

Make sure to backup your SQL database and Modpack resources (images) before attempting

When updating your Solder install, you will be doing a complete wipe of the application. Just completely delete the entire solder installation and follow the Installation steps laid out in the Getting Started page. Once installed, follow the Laravel DB migration steps below.

Laravel DB migration changes

Laravel changes the way it handles DB migrations which will cause problems when trying to migrate the new DB migrations in v0.7.

The old table name was set as 'laravel_migrations'. The new table name that tracks your migrations is set in app/config/database.php under the key-value pair migrations. Because of this, when you try to migrate the new changes, it will attempt to start from the beginning.

  • Old structure is as follows: 3 columns (bundle, name, batch).
  • New structure is as follows: 2 columns (migration, batch).

The bundle column can be deleted and the name column renamed to migration.

Once you have done that and renamed the table as well with RENAME TABLE laravel_migrations TO migrations.

You should be able to execute php artisan migrate without any more issues.